Disaster Recovery Consultant Speakers Bureau

Tidal Basin’s widely-respected disaster recovery experts are available to speak on several topics through our Speakers Bureau. Our consultants can conduct an overview of the disaster recovery processes, a multi-day workshop, and anything in between to meet your recovery and preparedness needs.

Tidal Basin consultants share their FEMA and disaster recovery expertise with presentations including:

  • DRC Training Adjusters InternationalFEMA Public Assistance Basics: An Overview
    • The FEMA Public Assistance program can be a powerful resource for local government entities and eligible not-for-profits. Learn the rules of the game and what the applicant is ultimately responsible for providing in this informational workshop.
  • Integration of FEMA and Property Insurance Claims
    • This presentation will provide real-life examples that demonstrate how the two primary post-disaster funding mechanisms work together, how each has its own recovery strategy with respect to what’s covered/eligible, how claims are valued and, ultimately, what funding the applicant can expect to receive.
  • A Closer Look at the 9580.3 Insurance Considerations in the FEMA Public Assistance Program
    • In this training, we dissect and analyze FEMA’s Disaster Assistance Policy 9580.3, offer guidance for its implementation, and discuss how it is being addressed by other applicants and states in response to recent disaster events.
  • Nine Steps to FEMA Public Assistance Recovery
    • This workshop breaks the FEMA Public Assistance recovery process down into nine distinct steps. This practical approach to understanding the process provides a framework for thinking ahead and developing strategy from day one of disaster recovery.
  • Mutual Aid Agreements: Tips for Improving Your FEMA Recovery
    • Mutual aid agreements form a critical element of disaster response and recovery. This training includes tips for avoiding documentation headaches and maximizing the recovery of eligible costs for eligible work.
  • Changing Adversity to Opportunity: Strategic Disaster Recovery
    • Disasters often present emergency managers and public leaders with serious consequences for their citizens and communities. Learn about disaster recovery opportunities and strategies which can restore damaged facilities to post-disaster levels that are better than ‘pre-disaster condition.’
  • Using Hazard Mitigation Funding Opportunities to Strengthen Your Community
    • Disasters create opportunity when approached with the right strategy. Learn how your county can use its Hazard Mitigation Plan to apply for funds to strengthen the community against future disaster.

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