Tidal Basin works with clients to design and deliver Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant exercises using multi-disciplinary expertise to execute an effective and efficient process for exercise design. Tidal focuses on supporting clients’ training and exercise programs and helps them and their partners build capability and competence, awareness, and expertise.

Tidal can design, facilitate, and evaluate both discussion-based and operations-based exercises.

Discussion-based exercises

  • Facilitator-based seminars and discussion sessions that provide information for the initial planning process.
  • Workshops which are similar to a seminar, but focused on developing the detailed program.
  • Tabletop Exercises (TTX) involve key stakeholders discussing and evaluating the actual steps that should be followed in a simulated scenario.

Operations-based Exercises

  • Functional Exercises (FE) validate emergency coordination, command, and control in a more formal, operational setting, usually in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC); however, it does not involve personnel outside of the organization.
  • Full-Scale Exercises (FSE) involve stakeholders from multiple agencies validating plans in a “real world” scenario including personnel in the field.

Who have we helped?

Our experts have helped numerous communities, businesses, organizations, and more to better plan and mitigate against adverse effects from disasters. We encourage you to look through our references, testimonials, and case studies, and to contact us for further information.

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