Emergency Operations Plans (EOP)

An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides a framework for preparedness, response, and recovery involving a disaster event or emergency. The plan identifies the resources, systems, and procedures that are needed before, during, and immediately after an emergency.

Tidal Basin provides the knowledge and expertise to State, local, government entities, and certain not-for-profit organizations to create comprehensive and effective EOPs that can mitigate the impacts of a crisis.

Tidal Basin’s preparedness team, comprised of former public sector emergency managers, works with clients to develop tailored EOPs and Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP) to meet the specific emergency management operation needs of their organization.

Who have we helped?

Our experts have helped numerous communities, businesses, organizations, and more to better plan and mitigate against adverse effects from disasters. We encourage you to look through our references, testimonials, and case studies, and to contact us for further information.

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