Insurance Reconciliation

Most grantees for FEMA funding do not have a thorough understanding of their property insurance coverage. Add to that the nuances of how insurance pertains to the FEMA Public Assistance Program and even a slight misreading of a policy could jeopardize a significant amount of the applicant’s funding.

Whether it’s a duplication of benefits issue or FEMA’s mandatory reduction for a facility located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), an applicant that’s not familiar with the policies as they relate to these types of issues could find themselves lost in a whirlwind of misinformation. Tidal Basin has the both the FEMA policy knowledge and property insurance expertise to understand any insurance related issue and can guide grantees to proper resolution.

Who have we helped?

Our experts have helped numerous communities, businesses, organizations, and more to recover from adverse effects from disasters. We encourage you to look through our references, testimonials, and case studies, and to contact us for further information.

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