Total Solution® 

When a disaster strikes, communities and organizations face a different challenge every moment and encounter a new crisis at every turn. Before too long, a major question becomes – who will cover the costs of a disaster?

Tidal Basin Group successfully navigates governments and organizations through the complicated disaster recovery process. Our knowledge helps you develop and implement a Total Solution® that unites the property insurance and FEMA portions of your disaster recovery into one financial recovery strategy.

Your Insurance Settlement is First

An accurate understanding of your anticipated insurance settlement is necessary to help move your FEMA grant forward. The two processes take different perspectives on everything from what’s eligible to how it’s quantified. Our disaster recovery consultants understand both the FEMA and insurance recovery processes and help you establish a well-documented insurance claim as the basis for your recovery.

The Right Foundation for your Claim to FEMA

Successfully recovering all of your eligible costs requires a full understanding of not only the basics of the program, but of how insurance and FEMA complement one another. No one understands this interaction better than our team. We know the proper way to prepare project worksheets and what systems need to be in place to accurately track and account for all monies spent on the disaster.

We deliver this key knowledge and experience together with unwavering client advocacy to help you receive all the funding you are entitled to from both your insurance claim and FEMA.

Recovery Services

  • Compliance with FEMA funding procurement guidelines and other special considerations, including environmental issues;
  • Development of accounting and database systems;
  • Site inspection of damaged property and facilities;
  • Documentation of debris removal, force account and contract labor;
  • Determining eligibility and categorization of projects;
  • Development of a funding plan to support your vision for rebuilding;
  • Preparing project worksheets in a FEMA acceptable format;
  • Establishing guidelines for reimbursement and audit compliance.
  • Implementation of a proactive total financial recovery strategy that addresses the immediate and long-term rebuilding needs;
  • Maximizing hazard mitigation opportunities;
  • Reconciling FEMA and insurance recoveries;
  • Providing FEMA Grant closeout assistance.

The benefits of working with our professionals:

  • Immediate Response: Our team responds within 24–72 hours of a request for FEMA Grant assistance.
  • Direct Experience: Our staff has a thorough understanding of the FEMA Public Assistance Program. There is no learning curve—only proven delivery.
  • Systems: We are able to deploy state-of-the-art web-based project management systems and controls.
  • Totally Equipped: Our employees arrive equipped with laptop computers, GPS units, digital cameras, cell phones and safety equipment.
  • Advocacy: We represent and advocate for the Grantee and the Applicant, and not for FEMA.

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